About Us

About Us


Seychelles Commercial Bank

Brief History


  • The Seychelles Commercial Bank was formerly known as Seychelles Savings Bank.
  • The Seychelles Savings Bank Act (Chapter 208) permitted the Seychelles Savings Bank to engage in select banking activities as from 1st January, 1981.
  • In 1992 the Government of Seychelles incorporated Seychelles Savings Bank as a limited liability company under the Companies Act, with majority shares owned by the Government of Seychelles.
  • The Seychelles Savings Bank Act (1981) was repealed on 9th July, 1996 and in 1997 the Bank obtained a license to conduct “Domestic Banking Business” under the Financial Institution Act (Cap 79) granted by the Central Bank of Seychelles.
  • Also, in 1997, the Bank took over the housing loan portfolio of Mortgage Finance Company Limited.
  • The Bank changed its name from Seychelles Savings Bank to Seychelles Commercial Bank on 27th September 2013.
  • The Bank presently conducts fully fledged Commercial Banking activity under the Financial Institution Act, 2004, as amended.

Mission Statement


The Seychelles Commercial Bank seeks to meet fully and efficiently all the banking needs of all its customers – small and big, and in doing so, excel in customer care.  Its endeavour will be to actively participate in the development of Seychelles by being the most customer focused bank.