Fraud and security centre

Fraud and Security Centre

Fraud is a very real threat to your personal wealth and that of your business. It is therefore very important that you are aware of the ways and means that dishonest individuals will try to acquire the wealth that you have worked so hard to acquire, and of ways that you can protect yourself from these types of frauds.

Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when a fraudster uses your personal information, such as your ID/passport, address and bank account numbers to impersonate you and to open or access accounts in your name.

Card Related Frauds

Your debit or credit card can be likened to a key that gives you 24-hour access into the vault that stores your money. Fraudsters will try their best to steal your card or the information stored on your card to gain access to the funds on your account.

Online Banking Related Frauds

While we have implemented industry standard security features on our network and server to protect our online banking system from being hacked by fraudsters, they will still find ways and means of gaining access using your online banking username and password to get directly into your account.

Other Types of Bank Related Frauds

While technology has given rise to new avenues through which fraudsters can get into your account, there are some more traditional ways such as document forging that may be employed to remove funds from your account without your authorization.